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Mar 12, 2023
Yet again I find myself in quite the pickle. Corvette-pickle, that is. In order to move the car inside my garage, I inserted the keys into the ignition, turned it and put the transmission in Neutral. I then closed the door. When I tried to open the door again, it was locked. I have read the user manual, and it seems the door locks if one depresses the handle/latch while closing the door. I must have done this. The keys are one key with a square head for the ignition, and one key with a round head for the doors. Both keys were together on a keyring. The car only came with one set of keys. Meaning the car is locked, and the only keys I own are inside the vehicle.
Now, I have searched hours upon hours on the internet trying to figure out what to do. Many say you can contact GM and/or Chevrolet, and by giving the vehicle number (VIN#), they can make a copy of the original keys. Provided the cylinders/locks have not been changed since the car was new in 1982, the copies will work. I have tried finding the e-mail address to GM and Chevrolet on their web pages, but they seem to have removed it. Only phone and paper mail now. I found a GM dealer here in Norway, and after a week of mailing and explaining, sending them a copy of my documents, they confirmed they could get copies from GM in the USA. The cost? $200. I agreed to this.
They just sent me an e-mail telling me GM in the USA had changed their answer. The car is too old for making copies of the original keys. Seems I am out of luck.
Do you have any advise other than breaking the window...?
I agree with the above. Getting into a locked car is no issue for any reputable locksmith. Had the same problem many years ago with a 280Z that I was foolish enough to not get a second key cut. Called a locksmith company and in 10 seconds with a SlimJim he had my door open. A disreputable car thief would be the other choice.
I know its a long shot but do you know anyone else that has a similar year corvette or older chevy ? If so try their key to unlock your door, I locked my key in my 67 at a car show and found another C1 owner, tried his key and it opened my car, I was kind of shocked but he said he has done it more than once. Apparently there are not that many key types, worth a try if you have someone local.
wasn't a stupid question and you got several suggestions.... Resolve it however and let us know the outcome. No one was criticizing...
Perhaps being mistaken as the OP but
will move on and resolve curiosity elsewhere
without assuming whether both doors
auto-lock with this c3 handle anomaly.
A passenger door handle could then do it and
the C3 driver becomes SOL if not carrying key ?
Nevertheless its a longshot for inquiring if both doors auto-lock and whether a YAY for the OP.
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