Just checked, our first "with the cars " meeting this year was April 4th.

April 4 to Nov. 20th is a pretty good run. With any luck next year could start in March :).

This summer was a bit of a blur for me but one last meet will be special to finish up the year and look forward to next spring.

Terry is working tomorrow unless there's a change so I'll be solo.......

Camera in hand -- must have pics of our last meet of the year.

You better have pictures or I'm coming down to take them for you. Don't forget Waynes two sided shirt!

Good idea Steamer ... Wayne : Don't forget your special shirt......must have pics ......

.... Come to think of it -- the trip west was one bright spot in the summer for me ..... Cheers, Rob -- you're the best. :D

Terry is a go tomorrow. He said he'd forgo the extra $$$ in favour of his 'vette friends.... So I won't be alone after all.

See you tomorrow about 11:15'ish.

You know I would if it weren't for other commitments. I would be on a plane and be there tomorrow. Looks like it will be in the spring again for the Coping event. Have fun you guys and gals as you always do.
Cheers Rob

You sure we can't persuade ya Rob?

Never know with you...........Next thing we know you'll be banging on my door.:D

I'm up to your tricks now buddy.

What a day! Brisk but very pleasant and the company was great too.

Quite a turnout including Tony & Kathy, Brian, Jim, Wayne, Steve, Terry and I.

Oh course I had to take a few pics to validate the meet and there were even a couple of 'vettes there: Wayne and Jim brought theirs.

One very special pic is of Wayne's double sided CCF T from Steamer. Now he can't possibly put it on backwards........:D

Humble apologies to Tony for not taking a better pics of the Porsche... You missed the first shoot and I forgot to go back for more.

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So glad to see Wayne no longer requires the help off Mary to make sure his shirt is on the right way. And, although I'm sure the noise in Wayne's car is a lot more bearable; I do miss the sound of his old exhaust. He managed to sneak up on my upon our departure, never could have done that with the stingers.
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