The days of knowing what goes on in these newer cars has long since departed my head. I will leave that stuff up to gurus like Manny and simply enjoy them for what they are.
With Manny three hours away and local dealers that want to do it to you, I at least want to have some idea what is wrong going in. Even at three hours, I would probably be way ahead trailering the car to Manny and have the satisfaction of knowing that the job was done right. A lot of the little problems, I can handle myself. Once a do it yourselfer, always a do it yourselfer. :)
If you have to be very tech savvy to run this thing, then I'm sunk. If they didn't keep it pretty simple, then they probably wouldn't sell many. It will work on our '97 Olds LSS and our Jimmy so I can try it on them first. The Corvette is still sleeping. ;) It will be nice to check the vehicles before taking them in for emissions tests if nothing else. I'll let you know how it works.
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