Jul 27, 2023
Stratford, ON
2023 Corvette C8
Has anyone ordered these sill plates? I ordered them and after waiting almost 6 weeks to arrive, they finally showed up yesterday.

The big surprise to me and the parts guy was that you only get 1 sill in the box. Both of us assumed (1st mistake) that they would be sold as a pair.

Anyone else run into this? I dont mind them for the price if you get 2 but if I have to order another one they are too much $ and we will just return them to GM. The parts guy agrees that it looks like there should be 2 of them in the package and said he will send it back if they are indeed sold individually.
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Never heard of that...I wonder if it's correct or an error was made. I ordered illuminated door sills for my 2020 and got a pair. While I suppose a customer might want to replace only one damaged door sill, you'd think each order would normally have 2, unless otherwise specified. You may want your parts guy to double check.
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