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Feb 11, 2010
London, ON
2004 z06
Got in the car to go to work this morning... three vettes passed me... I promptly made a U-turn, went home and jumped in mine...

Insane weather for March...
10 today
12 tuesday
17 wednesday
20 thursday
21 friday
20 saturday

6 vette days in a row is good for july nevermind march!
Ha! That is too funny. Have fun! I am starting to see a lot more cars on the road including a really nice looking 70 this morning.

Have you seen a ton of new Camaros on the road?

Yesterday in matter of 40 minutes I counted 7 new Camaros.... wow
Lots of fart cans around here.

I swear I saw a civic with a 4 inch pipe last week... i'm surprised his car didn't shake apart.
Hey Riley guess what I did today................................................

Yup pulled the Nasty1 out of storage drove it home and parked it ...........
lasted all of 15mins :rofl:

Felt great :D

Lets see if I can get some seat time this weekend :canada:

[email protected]
I finaly figured out how to post a pic of my car. BTW Whats afart can.Same as rice burner! CANT WAIT TILL FRIDAY
New weather update, better then before for the GTA.
Think we will burn a tank of gas on Friday just cruising around town.

22 thursday
25 friday
25 saturday
Just everyone keep talking. I'll keep my car in storage all summer just to teach you guys a lesson!

Oh don't do that, who are you kidding its just a idle threat, I am sure your ready to ride ASAP.

Fart pipes were out in full force today and doing the rev at the lights, just looked at them and shook my head :nono:
Whats wrong with Honda's? I hear some are pretty quick

There is absolutely nothing wrong with Honda's. Just some of the people's taste in what they decide to do with them....just like you will find with every type of vehicle. I'm just picking on Honda because they are well known for having young drivers that install an over sized muffler that makes it sound like an over sized fart (hence, the fart can).

Yes some are quick. Some actually do sound good, but I'm not referring to those. So maybe I should change my remark to: You guys that drive Honda's (or any inline 4 cylinder car) and put a giant muffler on your car before doing any other mods so that it sounds like a constant fart, I am making a joke that my half inch speaker sounds better and louder than your car, so eat your heart out because you wish your car sounded as good as my butt.
Revised forecast!!!

Wed = 16
Thurs = 20
Friday = 24
Sat = 23

sun = 15 (maybe rain)
monday = 14 (maybe rain)

I can tell you I'll be getting a ton of driving in this weekend.... starting with tomorrow... heading to TO for a HST tax conference. Fun fun fun I leave at 5am... hmm i better get some sleep.
had the '65 out yesterday and today felt good just finished installing Borgeson power steering and my new b/b hood,(adjustments still necessary) had a hard time avoiding all the murder cycles ....
Looks great! Did it have power steering before or is that a new addition?
it's a new addition, it didn't have PS before, it's Borgesons integral Delphi steering box works without the stock slave cylinder, it's longer than stock box, had to cut 2-1/2" off the steering shaft
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