Hi Crystal,

Hopefully you can make it out to the meet tonight, last night was just for some ice cream. I believe I was at the DQ from about 8:30 to 9:30. If you came after that, you would have missed me. If you came during that time, you probably didn't notice because I was in the Chevelle in the DQ parking lot (the Corvette was blocked in). I am very surprised I would not have noticed a Corvette across the street. Where did you park? We are no longer on the south side of the street as there is now a building taking up most of the lot.

Tonight we'll be parking across the street from the DQ at Golder Associates around 7:00ish and if the weather is anything like last night, I bet we'll be there until 9:30 - 10:00. Hope to see you out tonight!
Last nights meet was great! Thanks to everyone who stopped by! We had four generations of Corvettes out right of the start! There were a couple new faces which is great and some people we haven't seen for a while so it was nice they could come out. Now we just need to get the people who drive by in their Vettes to stop by!

Here is a picture of me with my car. Don't I look proud?


Well, maybe that is not me. This guy came up and wanted photos for his facebook profile so he could look like he owned all our cars. I thought it was hilarious.

Oh, and in other exciting news, a 14 year old girl told me my Corvette is sick which confirms that I am impressing the group of people that I wish to impress.:rofl:
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