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Aug 23, 2010
Southcentral Ontario
1967 BBC coupe
The further away I get from the cars of my youth, the more bull I see being offered as truth. For those of us who truly know these cars, it's mind-boggling.

This 1969 Camaro will be sold with its original engine...."a 327", says the seller. The problem is, no 1969 Camaro ever came from the factory with a 327. That's one of a ton of problems with this car. 1969 Chevrolet Camaro RS Convertible - Ottawa Collector Cars

How many t-top or removable roof panel Corvettes are advertised as "convertibles" on Kijiji and eBay? The answer is a ton.

This beautiful 1978 Limited Edition pace car is advertised as having the optional L-82 350 engine. Funny that the hood is missing the L-82 emblem and the fifth digit on the VIN is a "L" which indicates a L-48. :nono: Chevrolet : Corvette pace car

It's a jungle out there.
Umm, he says "Original drivetrain (327 with 2 speed powerglide) goes with vehicle". He actually doesn't say which car that drive train originally belonged to.:rofl:

No matter which way you slice it $30,000 is quite a lot of money for that car!
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