Jan 26, 2009
Winnipeg Manitoba
2016 Corvette Z06
This is as off topic for sure. My daughter here in Winnipeg is trying to win 2 tickets and 2 meet and greats with a new band called Sixx:A.M. who will be playing in Minneapolis in April. The band was started by Nikki Sixx of Motley Crew. She is up against 99.9% Americans and it would be nice if a Canadian :canada: could win. All you have to do is click and listen to the ENTIRE music video, you can even mute it but she only gets full points if you listen to the end, it's just over 4 minutes I believe.
On Monday she was in 30th spot and today she is in 2nd place so she has a good chance. She gets extra points if you listen to other videos after the one main plays. After you watch it on the first device or computer she can double up if you listen from a non WiFi cell phone or another computer with a different IP, say at work or a WiFi hot spot.
Your help would be appreciated and thank you in advance.

watched and listened to it.

Nikki Sixx hit me in the forehead last year........ OK, with a guitar pick.

My Z06 buddy is a huge Nikki Sixx fan - he has met him and has one of his concert played guitars.

Thanks everyone much appreciated.
My daughter is a huge Motley Crue fan and especially Nikki Sixx. In 2005 she started an on-line petition to get Motley Crue to play a concert date because Winnipeg was overlooked. Her petition made it into in a Los Angles newspaper and low and behold Motley Crue booked a Winnipeg date because of the petition. A local Winnipeg station had the link on their website and because it was successful they gave her front row concert tickets. The next day she drove to Grand Forks in the States to see them again and she brought along a Nikki Sixx Gibson limited edition guitar she had and Nikki Sixx autographed it for her.

In 2010 she flew from Winnipeg to Calgary to watch them in concert on a Tuesday night, flew to Edmonton Wed AM to watch them Wednesday night, then flew to Regina Thurs. AM to watch them Thursday night then back home Friday morning to catch them in Winnipeg. 4 nights and 4 consecutive concert all front or 2nd row tickets.
She also owns a Gibson Thunderbird limited edition Vince Neil guitar. She is a huge fan indeed.
Quick update my daughter has taken over 1st place, and I'm sure you guys helped. Now she had to be vigilant in getting new people to listen now. Share with family and friends, she is very excited about being in 1st place and beating out the US contestants at their own contest. Pretty amazing............
Quick update she has fallen back into 2nd spot with 4 days left, she needs new people to watch it please, please. You can watch it more then once, it just had to be from different IP addresses such as at work or hot spots, coffee shops ect... Or different devices cell phone, tablets,

Thanks in advance, cheers Wayne
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