I decided to take the plunge and install a new head unit in my vert. Reviewed a ton of online information before and during the install. The hardest part was disconnecting the wiring harnesses to the console controls. Slow and easy won the race and I'm pleased with the outcome. It's a JVC arsenal kw-adv65bt. the big part I like is it works with Iphone apps and I use the Motion GPS from my phone. Turn by turn commands and can download maps so you know where you are even when you have no phone service! Pics aren't too clear and it doesn't do my background justice. I took the photo of all the corvette flag series with the new C7 in the middle, cut the C& flag moved it up and then put in the orange Corvette lettering below and a Z-51 above. In person it looks really good.

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Wow! Looks killer and I bet it sounds even better. I've been on the fence with changing out my head unit. I want to but then I don't want to have to change all my speakers and add amps and all the other stuff. I really like the home screen that you have on it.:thumbup:

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I replaced the Bose/Nav system HU. Used the OS2-Bose converter to splice car to new HU. This saves all chimes etc. chimes have a different sound but still all work. Didn't have to change speakers or amps and all works and sounds fine. Have more control over crossover and tones with new unit. Still learning all the functions. I can answer and call put on my phone through the stereo now and see who is calling.
i do that already to my c5 cut dashboard fix and and cut and fit to put that monitor .. than i put the best ever think cover female ( USB ) I PLUG USB to listen to music i don't need CD in my car l order that usb cover form UK.. AGAIN I TRY FOR PIC

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