Both Stingers and the Bullets are great systems but loud like Manny said. Once you add headers, I found them to be unbearable. It was impossible to carry a conversation in the cabin over the drone of the exhaust.

I found that the perfect combination for me with headers was the Z06 titanium system with a 1.5" bypass. It should be fairly easy to find the exhaust, but could be tricky finding someone who can weld the titanium. The sound was almost exotic. It wasn't a deep sound at all, but very pleasing to my ears. At cruise you can hear the exhaust, but it was a nice "you know it's there" sound but it never got in the way. Once you got on the throttle, it came alive.

Come out to our summer get togethers and hear the cars for yourself. If you're interested in hearing what my C5 sounded like, I can probably set something up with the gentleman who bought the car from me for you if you'd like.
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I love the sound of my Corsa Indy Pace Car system.
Nice sound for everyday cruising, not to loud just right but then when you punch it has a perfect roar.
I just have a Vararam intake with the power duct, Xpipe and Corsa's.

I have always been the loudest guy in the neighborhood, Owned a few Harley's with stupid loud exhaust. The Vette is much more pleasing to them.:D:canada:
Thanks for all the feedback, I think my best option is to listen to a few cars this spring. Looking forward to meeting everyone.

I will be posting up the date for my annual BBQ , hopefully you can come out . There will be all kinds of exhausts that you can hear :D
All those exhausts are nice and everyone has their own opinion as to what's too loud. I swapped out my factory Ti's for Magnaflow. Although I probably added 15lbs to the rear of my Vette, I really like the deeper tone. Again, it's just personal opinion. I was seriously considering the Corsa Extremes or the B&B PRT as well.
Don't mention diet!!!:rofl:

I have the stingers on my car and can only comment with factory exhaust manifolds. I REALLY like the sound of them and have gotten good comments from people when I stop but as others mention that they get louder with headers, I guess it depends if you want to want to listen to your car or listen to your passenger.:D BUT I could see if they are too loud getting sick of the sound over the course of a trip. Mine, I like, if they were louder, I would be on the fence.
When I bought my car it came with the Corsa sport package. The best part is when you get on the pedal it's nice and loud, but at 70 there's no drone. I've rode in some where it was imposable to even talk or hear the radio at 70. I guess what I'm saying as don't make it to aggressive that you can't enjoy your Sunday Cruse or your Sweety won't ride in it.
I know everything in this life involves some sort of trade off but I was hoping to drop a few lbs on the car. Sort of putting both of us on a diet.

:DI hear you! Stock Ti's would be your lightest bet, but it depends on what sound you're looking for, and what you can handle. I kept listening to sound clips on youtube, to get some sort of idea as to what I liked. It's not perfect, but it helped. As far as light aftermarket, I not sure. Maybe the B&B Bullets or SLP Loudmouth. That's not fact, just based on personal observation (ie) the size of mufflers,tips,etc.). Both of those are notoriously loud too though.
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After a bit of thought I am still thinking that "loud" is more than OK, but I want it to be a "good" loud, not raspy, a bit of drone I can live with. My wife has wind in her ear issues so when the top is down she will no doubt have yards of scarf wrapped around her head, or perhaps a box of Kleenex in each ear. (lets hope she never reads this forum).

I am trying to fit headers as well as a tune into the budget, I think that would keep me more than happy. I seemed to recall that Manny can do wonders with an automatic transmission as well, not sure what that involves but I seemed to recall it was nothing but "good".
The auto tune for the C6 nets some great results for the C5 A4 it's not so dramatic . The rear gains are in a set of headers , cat back exhaust and a tune . The other excellent mod on the C5 A4 auto is a set of rear diff gears . Most autos are a 2:73 gear and a few come with the 3:15's . Changing them out to a set of 3:42's will feel like you added 100hp . Might be something to think about . Now exhaust , I do have a set of lightly used Borla Stingers , that you can have for $650 .
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Manny, I've got a window guy here in 5 minutes, I'll call you when he leaves, can you hold them 'til then? Your good reputation is really quite deserved!

Thank you , no problem . Can you PM me your number and I will call you back . I am the doctors for a bit .
Manny, I've got a window guy here in 5 minutes, I'll call you when he leaves, can you hold them 'til then? Your good reputation is really quite deserved!

Just checked the build sheet, it came with the 3:15s

Nice , that's a decent set of gears . We can talk later about options like 3:42's or 3:73's :)
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