Nov 3, 2012
buckhorn ontario
i confess, i've got a monkey [wrench] on my back !!! princess auto and the snap on truck are like pushers, even kijiji is full of dealers. my buddy i bought great white from went cold turkey and kicked the habit, his shop makes my new one look like a garden shed. now he has become an enabler and is cashing in on my addiction. he has gotten rid of most of his cars but keeps his 77 vette in florida. so, now it's tool time. i just made a big score. a cherry picker/shop crane, a heavy duty engine stand, a new parts washer, new transmission attachment for a floor jack, a new hydraulic spreader kit, two cradle style engine storage stands, and four 2 ton jack stands - 250 bucks plus a 28 pack of canadian. he knows how hard i'm hooked and that i'm always jonesin' for that next fix.....the bastard. i've thought about a support group or maybe a 12 point socket program but i don't expect i'll ever hit bottom and will remain a junkie for life. :eek:
I hear ya... I am a tool junkie also :D. My garage is full on tools and gadgets.

But this addiction is a good one, it keeps you sane not insane...lol
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"12 point socket program"...... :rofl:

Lol Doug you're insane like a lot of us -- but now you have more room that most and can feed that habit all you like. (Jealous)

That's why you build the new garage -- to fill 'er up with cars and tools.
After all that work, you earned it. Have the fun you deserve.:D

Addiction ???? all those things listed are necessities are they not?
I don't think you are going to get much sympathy here my friend....maybe you should post this over on the needle point forum.
Nice score by the way.
THANK YOU SO MUCH. I will show this tread to my wife to prove her that I am not alone but first I will have to convince her that I did not write these posts myself.:D

I'm sure you'll be able to. A lot of men out there are really tool junkies. A lot of my friends are too. I think it is a male thing but that is not to say there are no women who are also tool junkies.
There is no known cure to the tool affliction Doug and I can fully sympathize. Only those of us in this state can fully understand what it is all about. I went through a terrifying ordeal last year. It was finally time to drywall and paint the garage. In doing so, I tore down some wonky old shelves, bought some storage cabinets and stored stuff away. When tools were everywhere, you could always find a wrench or hammer here or there. Now, with all the screwdrivers in one drawer, I either find them all or none. Before, I could pretty well open any drawer and find a screwdriver. Not any more. The dymo labeller worked overtime marking each drawer. With three rolling tool cabinets, five steel cupboards, mig welder, arch welder, torches, air compressor, radial arm saw and three work benches, I have no wall space left. I won't even mention the barn out back. We'll have to come up with a name like Tool Collectors Anonymous or something for this new help group, not that we can be helped. We can have a secret hand shake and a Red Green type prayer at the start of the meetings, "I am a man. I can change, if I have to."
This winter really has gone on far too long. We need to get back out on the road in our cars for a nice spring fix. :driving:
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