John D

John D

Aug 24, 2010
Port Dover,Ontario
Hi All. I have just bought a 2006 C6 convertible and would like to know how to store it for the winter months. October to April or May. :confused:
Welcome to the forum John..... 1st thing i would invest in is a battery tender, it's hard on your battery with the constant bleed of all the electrical components when the car isn't running much in the winter months and disconnecting isn't a good alternative as your computer memory is affected. Also if it hasn't already been done, i would recommend changing out your antifreeze pre storage fresh Mobil 1 isn't a bad idea either, i'm sure others will chime in here also.... and oh yes if you can make it Wed. night our Corvette club is doing the 50/50 draw at the Simcoe A&W come on out and show us your new love and say hello...
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where in Simcoe is the A & W ? And what time ??

May try to come from Welland.

A& W located on Hwy #3 at the east edge of Simcoe, at the Canadian Tire Mall across from Zellers and the Superstore, you will pass Wall-Mart on your left coming into town from Welland...starts at 6pm goes till 9pm.....about an hour drive from Welland I believe
Thanks for the info vt65

Thank,s vt65 for the invite but I will be working that night. Does no one else store their car for the winter?:confused:
John, with my Honda s2000, I changed oil, and added pressure to the tires.
Each month car was out the garage and ran for 20/25 mins, some at 3000rpm.
Stabilizer in full tank of gas. Battery never lost charge. No problems with starting.
BUT, Honda isn't the corvette with all the drain on the battery, hence trickle charging
makes sense. Otherwise I think you could do as I did with the Honda. Hope this helps.
I know there are different opinions on this but I change my oil before winter. I clean the air filter, soak the seats in leather conditioner, rub down all the weatherstripping with protectant, and put lots of mothers on the tires. I remove the battery if I can't get power otherwise I have a Ctek battery maintainer. If in an area with mice, I fill the interior with dryer sheets, put a mouse pouch in the engine compartment and steel wool in the exhaust tips.
Anyone else take some of the weight off the tires and suspension by supporting the frame?
Like the idea of the steel wool! had never thought of that!
Actually Riley, I'd pay to see a mouse come rocketing out of the exhaust come spring time!!!

I know people who used to do that with gophers.:rofl:

I used to put my Camaro up on blocks over the winter but found that the suspension was just bottomed out the other way when lifted so it's not like it's free of stresses. So I quit doing that plus I heard that today's tires are good enough that they don't flat spot like they used to.

As for taking off some weight, it would take me too long to decide how much to take off.:rofl:
I stored my 06' Z06 last winter in the garage. I put down a layer of this plastic wrap I had when I painted the house. I used it to cover my furniture. This acts as a vapour barrier keeping moisture from the cement getting out. I then parked the car on 4 rubber mats so the tires don't flat spot. I left the battery in with no tender. I just started the car every couple weeks and let it get to operating temperature to prevent moisture buildup in the cylinders. I also used a fuel stabilizer and full tank of fuel. Car was good to go in the spring.
How come some people are against stabil? Also should i start of the car during the winter or just wait till spring??
I have not heard of people being against using stabil, but then again, people will always have differing views on mostly anything.

Not too sure about the thought of starting the car up. I just leave mine as they are out of town and it is usually f-ing cold all winter. Plus, warming up the engine then letting it cool can cause condensation to form. Then the question also is, how much do you let it warm up and is letting it just run enough or do you have to drive it to get some heat in it?

However, running the engine gets everything lubed up again and can keep the rings from sticking to the cylinder walls (if that happens). So I don't know. Hopefully someone that designs OR builds engines will be able to answer that one.
someone was telling me they put it on jack stands and actually put the car in gear and let the tranny etc move, unsafe though ... THe condensation thing makes sense. I guess there are some good and bad points...
This is how I stored my 06.

I stored my 06 in the garage. I put down a layer of water proof plastic wrap. I then parked the car on rubber mats. I left the battery in with a ctex3300 battery tender hooked up to it. I also used a fuel stabilizer and full tank of gas and checked the anti freeze.Then I sealed the exhaust pipes up and put a couple of dryer sheets in the car then I put on the breathable car cover .Now waiting for spring to get her out. :D
Cars also should b on blocks to get the wieght off of the tires no flat spots that way !!! Also my dad always put his cars ontop of a sht of plastic and spread a thin layer of straw not hay out for moisture he did that if cold storage ??
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