One of the biggest factors is your postal code. I once moved three blocks, into a different postal code, and insurance on two cars dropped $800.
Ya, my insurance with the same company dropped in half when we moved from Markham to Uxbridge!
Wawanesa. Have had superb service anytime I've had to use them. My house and farm policy is also with them.
Interesting! LOL

No, I mean what I said. They go by actuaries. That includes a lot of things like married status, closeness to fire hydrants etc. etc. It also depends on volume. A high volume insurer can afford to charge less. etc. etc. All included in their actuaries. Your education plays a large role with many insurers. All included in their actuaries.
Insurers are in it for PROFIT! LOL
Well. There you go. I just happen to restore fire hydrants. You could have one of these in your yard and reap huge savings on your insurance. Companies only ask how many feet to the nearest hydrant. They don't specify that it has to be hooked into the water system.
Take your pick. I also custom paint your colour of choice. :Biggrin:
I do actually restore hydrants Murray. Have done over 20 in the last few years. Very popular out here with mancaves, garages, dogs and yard art.

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The town complained to Rruuff about the hydrants rusting out on the access roads around his place. Rruuff's solution! Place multiple fire hydrants on his own property to keep the dogs at home. Problem solved! LOL
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I do actually restore hydrants Murray. Have done over 20 in the last few years. Very popular out here with mancaves, garages, dogs and yard art.
Funny, but for some reason I didn't doubt you! ;)
I just thought your comment regarding insurance and fire hydrants was funny! They'd never check unless there was a real fire.
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Here is what I found out from my insurance broker. Speedy Auto Glass has partnered up with Tag. Apparently Speedy Auto Glass say retail for Tag to be installed is $399. But they are offering a discount of $249.00 plus tax. Which is good because price as I was quoted at Auto shops that install stereos and alarm systems, quoted me $599.
Intact insurance offers a 20% discount on the Comprehensive portion of the policy.
They say that if your car is on the HIGH RISK LIST?? Next year’s premiums will rise by $500 if Tag is not installed. Only if the car is on the list though. So basically even if not in the list, they will give you an additional 20% off of the comprehensive portion of your insurance. Better than nothing. Pays for a fee tanks of gas.
I think in Montreal the cost to install TAG is closer to your $599 quote. But what people may not understand is that you are not only paying to have HW installed in your vehicle, which includes multiple modules running on it's own battery (5 year duration), but you are also paying for the tracking service in advance for 5 years as well. Right now I pay around $25/month for my other GPS tracking service, or almost $300 CAD a year ($230 USD). So when I consider the cost of TAG for tracking, it is nothing, I don't even know how they stay in business and cover their costs at lower pricing.

Furthermore, even at $599 for HW, install, and 5-year service, my insurance company offers a discount of $325 a year on a '21 Lexus IS, that amounts to about a 30% discount, but more importantly, pays for the entire system (and then some) after 2 years.

So the business case is a no brainer, free system with insurance discount, and peace of mind with tracking on the car. It really makes me wonder why people need to consider whether to track their vehicle or not. When the car gets stolen, the panic sets in and the frustration grows, why not make it easy and just have a tracking service recover your car. I will make sure to go to great lengths to have multiple deterrents on the car, to make the thieves walk away, and this TAG solution for me is the bare minimum and cheapest/easiest thing to get installed and depend on.
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If you want lower insurance don’t live in Brampton or the GTA!
I thought Douggie Ford put an end to postal code car insurance ratings. We Ontario residents all get to pay higher rates outside Brampton and Scarborough due to this new measure announced last June.
I had dealt with TD for years, I bought a 2007 3LT for $33k a few years ago. Called them so I could drive it home and I could only insure it with PL/PD without a $350 appraisal. After a few months I went to a broker and got coverage for everything with no appraisal and no mileage limitations etc. $48/mth to $80/mth. I'm happy.

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