Oct 19, 2012
Regarding my 1971 vette. Ok, so the car is at the body shop, almost done but the vacuum system does not work. The body guy can't seem to get the hide away wiper cover open to get to that area of the vehicle. Does anyone know how to get that compartment open ? How do you hook up an external vacuum to get the thing open ? Thanks for any help ?
Did you try pulling down on the override switch under the steering column? Do the headlights open OK? Is the check valve functioning on the intake manifold? Is the vacuum filter pugged on the intake manifold? Is the engine in the car?
The engine runs but the lights and wiper door do not work. I have not had the system fixed yet but I was wondering how to open them with an external vacuum hooked up. Just to test the system for the time being.
Google the schematic and you will get lots of results. It's a very simple system in theory but there are vacuum relays and acctuators, lots of rubber hoses, a vacuum tank behind the front bumper and numerous switches (more like valves) to make it all work. The heater controls also use vacuum to operate. A good vacuum pump is a good thing to have to help diagnose where a leak is. The good thing is a lpt of the parts are available. And to answer your question; no, I have not converted to electric as everything is working fine.
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