Well my goal is to always have it out by April 12 at the latest. Doesn;t always work. Maybe if I had a nice garage with cement driveway leading to a paved road things would be different. BTW April 12 so I can have a Birthday drive.:)

One of the advantages of the insane cost of living on the west coast - I take mine out on nice days year round - except for this past winter - the snow kept me away for from my car for 6 weeks!:eek:
I was so tempted to take the vette out today for a cruise after starting her up but decided to clean
the Caddy instead :(
Was out on Sat and spotted a few vettes out and around, one yellow C5 in Pickering on Brock Rd. and
a burgundy one in Cambridge. The time is coming close my foot is getting the itch to GO!!
We did about 300 kms on Monday.
We went for a nice cruise through Elora then up to St. Jacobs and back.
What a great day. The temp stayed around 0 to 2 degrees but felt warmer with the sun coming through the windows.
Gotta Love it. Brought it back washed it then covered her up until next time.:canada:
Being that driving my 'vette is the best form of therapy I know of, I keep the insurance valid year-round. Within reason it's my daily driver. The exceptions are snowy roads or salted roads. Rain is okay though it means washing the car more often (but that's a labour of love!).
This winter has been unusually ugly for Vancouver Island so there was about a three week period from Dec. 17 to Jan. 8th where it sat unused while I pouted.
Then we've had a run of clear weather with cold nights and warm (8-12) days. But last night old-man-Winter came calling again and we had snow this morning.
Like all of you, I looking forward to Spring and lots of good driving. In the meantime a short drive is better than no drive and I'll take whatever little blips of sunshine Nature can offer. :seeya:
Stated it up last night and is sitting there ready to be picked up to get a stage 2 diff with 4.10 gears, installed . So after that i'll be driving on nice days. :D
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