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Feb 8, 2009
Greg in Toronto/Gtown
1999 C5 Z51
Well with just over 40 days to go till spring, when do you think you will have your vette out of the garage?
I am thinking in late March or first of April for sure.....unless we get one of those freak snow storms again. :eek:
most of the main streets around here are actually not too bad already... granted, snow may fall again but if it wasn't for the fact that my new baby was in the shop, i would have taken her out already maybe :D
Same here! :D Except mine is in the underground! .... Hey Pat, did you put snow tires on your car this year?

Nope, still running on all seasons, I've got Goodyear Eagle F1s up front and Kumho ASXs on back. The Kumhos are horrible! I've had a couple of incidents in big storms where I almost didn't make it up some hills, even using the second gear start feature and not touching the gas pedal the car was going sideways! :eek: I'll be getting another pair of the Goodyear Eagle F1 all seasons for the back this fall, so next winter won't be so bad. I just can't afford snow tires, and have nowhere to store four wheels/tires either.
I know Patman you are one of the true die hard vette lovers that drives your car 365 days a year.
I am not brave enough to do that, the closest I get is in my CTS-V and thats enough.

Not only am I crazy enough to drive it in the winter, but I am crazy enough to wash it in my driveway on a cold and very windy day like today! Yikes, it was brutal, but I couldn't stand to see it dirty and I know that after today we're going to get a lot of nice sunny days (but not above zero, so today was my one chance to wash it in the driveway, plus I'm playing hookey from work so I needed something to do for an hour) :D

Here is the final result of my hard work today:


If it was a couple of degrees warmer and not as windy, I would've brought out the buffer and put on a coat of NXT 2.0 today too! :)
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