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I'll continue the trend ... I've recently purchased and am waiting for spring to install my LG super pro long tube headers/ Borla touring cat back exhaust, Vararam CAI, Vmax throttle body and intake, Z06 sway bars, bilstein sport shocks, Baer Eradispeed rotors for the z51 w/pads, The Vossen wheels w/ toyo Proxes .... Can't wait it's going to be a fun summer ...
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Thanks, I am not sure of what to do with the car as of yet, It is my first Corvette so need to wait and see where it needs help. How many of us C6 guys are around London? Anyone a memeber of the London Corvette group ?
Bought my VY 2006 last August. Adding some stuff to it over this winter, starting with a Vararam CAI, Insulation kit, painted hoodliner, engine dress up covers, new rear spoiler...and on and on it shall continue..:D
i am a new member traded my 09 challenger for a 2007 black cpe 6sp picking her up from
courtesey chev on friday the challenger was a great car got lots of attention but still
not a vette my last vette was in 1980 i have owned vettes from 1974 to 1980 looking forward to the c6 heard a lot of good things about it
Newbie Here !

Hello everyone, new guy here!

I joined the C-6 club last summer when I bought a 2008 Z06 with 2,000 Kms.
It is a base Z06 with only the following options, chromed wheels and Atomic Orange paint.

I still have my 1969 convertible which I call a restomod.

I am looking forward to getting together with fellow gearheads and having some fun with our cars, we should be able to form like minded people togther and plan some outings like our cousins to the south.

I'll start by asking if anyone is interested in going to Corvettes @ Carsile, it runs from August 27th to the 29th, its a great place gather information and parts, plus the cars!

It is unreal what some people do with them, their are some great minds out there guys!
Welcome to the forum! Introduce yourself in the new users and post some pics of your cars! We would love to see what they look like.

Not knowing the geography of Ontario that well, I assume everyone lives relatively close together (sorry). You may want to check out this thread and meet with these people as they are a great group and will get your summer organized for meets.

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