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May 15, 2023
2023 C8
Ive got a dozen inquires on my car and they all sound like exporters...how do you weed them out? How can someone prove they are not sending it to US?
You can’t weed out the exporters. If you need to sell your C8 before the clock runs out on the don’t sell clause, your only real solution is to sell or trade back to a dealer. Actually this is only true in if you want to buy another GM product.
Put a lien on the car for 1$ , it can’t be exported with a lien on it.
A few dealers are doing this to stop people from exporting the car.
Except selling a used car usually requires a lien check and for the car to be lien free. No exporter, or frankly most any other buyer, will buy a used vehicle with a lien. I guess that stops it from being exported but also stops it from being sold.
No export for 1 year and 15000kms. If it stays in Canada it's no problem to sell it early. At least that's how I understood it.
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The agreement I signed was 1 year or 12k mileage whichever came first. I have 5 months left. I knew the deal and will honor my commitment. Easy as I have no interest in selling at this point.
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