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Jan 27, 2009
Sherwood Park
2001 Z06
Well after my drive down to Calgary I can offer my own highway impressions of my '01 Z06:

1. On a reasonably paved road, the ride is admirable for the car that it is. There is about 40-50 km of HORRIBLE pavement just past Leduc going South but other than that I was very happy.

2. Considering there is NO sound deadening in the car, the highway noise was acceptable from the Firestone Wide Oval tires.

3. With the VRX5 cam (236/238) being ANYTHING but a small cam and the bigger injectors, the fuel mileage was ok also. I averaged 22 MPG at 125 km/hr. Interesting to note that that the instant fuel economy was better at 140 than it was at 125 due to the gearing of the tranny etc. Anything less than 120 and 6th is way too tall for me. At 100km/hr it was comfortably getting 24+ in 5th. From what I have heard there MIGHT be 1 or 2 mpg in the tune left from claims by other users but I find most people round up :D

4. With the cam, Kooks longtubes, and no cats, the Magnaflow cat back worked great again. NO headaches, just a great sound and no drone.

I thought I would offer this up for anyone that is wondering what their car might be like with similar mods.
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Are you using Imperial or US gallons? There is a difference as the US gallon is only about %80 of the Imperial gallon that we use in Canada. (That is why our fuel economy numbers look better). I like to use Imperial as it makes my car appear as though it sips fuel...although, from Calgary to the Cactus Shell near Hanna, I only used two more liters of fuel than my cousin in his 4 year newer Civic.:D

Great to hear that you are enjoying the car so much and that it is working well! I am planning a few things for my car but it may not be as much as you have done with yours. These cars are awesome.
I'm just using the information from the dash when you hit the E/M button... i think it's the "small" version of a gallon so that would make sense also
Interesting..... 25.5 mpg on the way back!!! Carbon build up?? Bad gas???? Now I'm really happy lol
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