Jan 20, 2014
Anyone like the looks of these
Was thinking of getting this hood but for now just for the look. Obviously it would be nice to have a reason some day for the extra space.
i've seen a few and some look good but other look like a kit you bought from ebay i think as long as you get a good hood they look good plus it gives you some room for something fun under the hood
I agree. Where I am I don't see many vettes and I don't go very far away from home. Seen c4,s once In awhile but have never actually seen one of these hoods with my own eyes .
so have you looked into where you would buy one? i actually had an 87 with the cross fire but it was actually stolen 5 years ago i finished the interior but never got to the body
I have only looked online . Seems they cost about 1,400 bucks. The guy at the garage here said he figured he could order one in . I also have a relative on Calgary that is looking into it as well
$1,400 seems right and it's good you found a shop up north that can order one in i was thinking you might need to order online yourself or drive somewhere
I would say that if you do not need the room keep things looking a stock as possible. That is where the value will be in the future.
Just an opinion.
I've always gone for the stock but sneaky route. Our '66 396 Beaumont came with the V8 emblems like a 283 car would have had. It had an L78 cam and headers installed and worked pretty well for that time period. Our '68 Ram Air 400 Firebird looked perfectly stock if you didn't realize that the hood scoops were open and functional and that the Camaro spoiler didn't come on Firebirds. The engine was balanced and blueprinted and worked considerably better than stock. Our COPO Chevelle looked like an SS396 Chevelle minus the SS396 emblems. It had headers and was tuned as best I could for the time. It worked pretty well. Our '72 Lemans Sport looked perfectly stock except that it had a healthy '70 455 under the hood. I like the old saying, "Don't bark if you can't bite."
That much money would go a long way towards headers and a good tune.
Just my personal preference. Not everyone wants lots of hp.
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I agree with you Keith; keep them guessing. My '75 is as stock looking as I can manage. Even the interior looks original down to the radio. Walk softly and carry a big stick.
I agree with you Keith; keep them guessing. My '75 is as stock looking as I can manage. Even the interior looks original down to the radio. Walk softly and carry a big stick.

right on greg. unless you need hood clearance keep em guessin'. my 406 will have the appearance of a fairly mild 350 right down to the [fake] egr system.
I could spend $1400.00 on better items. Hey, if that is what you want, fill your boots. I would do something like that to a car that was a bit of a polished turd, never to a car that was a well kept example. You could always store the original hood and return to stock I guess, but if you are doing this, I doubt that you would stop. Bottom line, it is your car....do whatever makes you happiest, enjoy the hobby!
Not for me personally, but that being said, I don't think it looks too bad. Just not for me. I'd go wide body before the hood IMO.
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