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Aug 26, 2009
Pickering, Ontario
2011 ZR1
has anyone put HID into their c4's?

i have them in my 07 avalanche and can't imagine driving without them now, a true night and day difference.

i haven't removed my headlight yet on the vette, but wondering anyone else has tried?

noticed my lights are a dim beam on the road, why i want to get more light on the subject

what do you guys think?
There's a lot of debate of retrofitting a vehicle with HID's. From the research I've done, it's best to change not only the bulbs, but to change out the halogen unit to a projector unit with new lenses that are designed for HID bulbs. I would avoid using an HID bulb in the halogen reflector housing as it is not projecting the light properly and can blind oncoming traffic. It's also good to avoid tinted bulbs, you want the high quality untinted bulbs that get their color from the gases inside the bulb, not the color of the bulb itself.
i have seen many discussions and debates on retro fitting the HID's into a stock headlight assembly.

with in mind, i had tested it out in my 2007 avalanche. parking it beside my good friends 2007 escalade and were no more blinding than his. vision was the same, and unbelievable over stock.

with that in mind, i'm looking for the same vision when driving. i feel like the lights of the c4 are candle light's

what i'll do is pull out the light to see how much space i'm looking to have to work with. my concern is the lack of space and can't mount it outside the headlight unit due to the rotating headlight.

i'll keep everyone informed as i look into this.
Your right, the old headlights are really not that good, god knows how they really had good vision back then. Are they a sealed unit? If so, you'll have to change it all. If not a good fix is getting PIAA's bright whites, I have them in my 99 GMC and they are great. cheaper
A HID kit can be expencive if you have to change the headlamp assembly to accomodate it.
i don't believe it's a sealed headlight, looks like a bulb inside. haven't attempted yet to pull it apart.

maybe this weekend

i'll have to look into PIAA's bright whites then, what is their wattage?
Try PIAA as a search and you'll see what options you have. Unfortunalty you'll be limited I believe with the age (C4) and wattage will vary. They have new styles from when I first bought and they have lasted years. Touch wood!!

A simple bulb replacement is a good fix for good lighting.

If anyone else has info or ideas pls post

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