Not to be a party pooper but I was under the impression that it is illegal to put HID lights into a halogen housing as the reflectors are not designed for HID lights. You need a new housing designed for HID bulbs.

It's true with the plug and play kits though, If you install these in your stock housing you will see better down the road because they are brighter however, you will be blinding oncoming traffic (like driving with your brights on).

I am totally happy to have anyone contradict me on this as I am not really knowledgeable on the subject.
Riley, I have read the same thing as you. Also sometimes the U.S. customs stop these kits from entering the country.Many posts say that the upper part of the beam is the problem. The disharge can't be lowered enough to stop the light from hitting oncoming traffic. Also many claim that the best OE replacement bub swap is to the Toshiba HIR's. But Riley don't you have your headlights replaced to the flush look assembly? This might be of interest.
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I ran them for a couple of years. They were definitely brighter than the stock C5 bulbs. But A candle would be brighter than the stock bulbs.

The problem is the factory housings are not designed for an HID bulb. you need a proper light cannon. The beam becomes very messy and also shorter than the halogen bulbs.
I do quite a bit of night driving and I found they gave me a headache after a while.
I kept them in the fogs as this is a good light cannon.
Also the offshore ballasts are always hit and miss. Could count the number of times on one hand that all four lights worked at the same time.

I switched to the high end Silverstars and am pleased with the results.

I just threw away the light harness and bulbs, while purging for next weeks move.

Ask the seller for his warranty policy in writing before you buy.

Some guys love them, they were just not the right fit for me.

There is a vendor that makes a proper light housing conversion kit for the C5, but its close to $800.00 . All reports say they are worth the money.:canada:
I am looking at these:

Bi-xenon Radioflyer ACA Projector Headlights for C5 corvette
Christmas Special $600.


I also looked at these
Sun Guns Projector Group Purchase- Shroudless Version but they are a bit more than i wish to spend, I do love the low profile though.


..sooner or later I will see the light.
Have read a lot of great things about HIR's. Toshiba no longer makes them,Philips makes them now. Think I will just get some top Silverstars. Thanks Obsechon and Riley for the responses. No wonder this site is so great,all the friendlienst help and advice one could wish for.
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Both look awesome. Didn't know abojt the laws, but would have thought each province would have a different law. It would fall under the hi-way traffic act, no? That was my take anyways. Regardless, both of the kits look great IMO. I liked the second one better too!
The Radio Flyer system is the best on the market.The designer and builder of these, has put years of research and updates into this lighting system :canada:

I have to agree. From all the research I did, I liked his product the most. I was going to go with the ACA's years ago but they were about twice the price back then.

Sounds like you got a really good system FP! Can't wait to see the pictures!
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