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Apr 23, 2012
Well, my LG Street series headers arrived a while ago--it's raining today, so I finally took them out of the bags to have a closer look, and thought I'd post some pics for the crew............:D

Can't wait to feel the power!! :coolgleam:


Here's another look.



Here is a non-perfectly rounded end. After clamping, will this make a difference in air flow? I'm a little concerned that I might have received a bum part here, but pieces do fit over top. Feel free to let me know if I should be talking to the manufacturer to send me a new one. :confused::eek:


Here is the perfectly rounded end..........:D


Here is the two ends together...................:confused:

I don't want to have to send these back, but if there's problems I guess I owe it to myself to do so. Also, no sensors came with my order, anyone know if they should have been included? Am I to use the current sensors on my stock exhaust? I have room for four sensors now, but don't know how many come in my stock exhaust.

I'll keep you all posted on my install--still looking for someone to do this for me, but am also waiting to get my axel-back system as well. I might as well put the entire exhaust system on at once...........

PS: I know, I really need a new camera!!!!
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COngrats... I advise that you get them ceramic coated prior to install.. I didnt at first and subsequently had them coated and there is a dramatic difference in heat in the engine compartment...
I don't think the bump will affect your hp, plus the shop that installs them will be able to round it back out pretty easily if it's a problem. I'm not sure what area's they specialize in but I know HLN A55 recommends Horsepower Solutions in Edmonton.

Yeah, I've talked to them. Maybe things are just more expensive in Alberta for stuff like this. They were still significantly higher than what Manny charges (there's a nice plug :D). It will probably be them unless I find a place in Red Deer--I know there's a place, but haven't had time to stop on in yet.
You'll love 'em as much as I do mine. Good buy.
Did you get them ceramic coated?

Manny can advise on sensors and install.


I don't know about the coating--I don't think so. I bought them from Manny--Manny do you know how these came?

I might look into this process a little further. Can someone let me know what this might cost? do you only coat the headers, or do you do the entire exhaust?


I don't know about the coating--I don't think so. I bought them from Manny--Manny do you know how these came?

I might look into this process a little further. Can someone let me know what this might cost? do you only coat the headers, or do you do the entire exhaust?



The coating isn't cheap: I paid an extra $700 to coat the whole system from the headers back to where the system hooks onto the mufflers.

Well worth the $$ since it keeps in-car and under-hood heat under control.

Just the headers would be less -- I'm guessing about $200.
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Yes I've done business with HP solutions and they're great. And yes, everything costs more out here!! *ack*. The LGs may be a bit easier to install than mine were. Mine were KOOKS and Neil told me they are a bit harder to do. In the end, you have to pay the market price out here. Interestingly though the whole package price for everything they did was very competitive to some "competitive" pricing manny gave me so it also depends on the way they price out each element of the work they're doing.
go for the ceramic coating right to the cat-back - I have LG Longtube Pros on mine and they're coated all the way, including the x-pipe..... I've had them both ways, and there's a dramatic improvement in under hood temperature.. plus they look nice....
I'm only running 2 02 sensors.. deleted and tuned out the rears...
I had my headers ceramic coated by Top Gun Coatings in Calgary.

Check with Lightspeed Innovations in Red Deer for the header install and Dyno tune
Haven't pulled a trigger on anything yet, but these guys in Red Deer have excellent customer service.:agree:

Thanks for passing their information along as well.

I've also called Top Gun for the ceramic-coating--they seem to offer a very competitive price for their work. $245 for both headers (headers only). The other place I called was more than $100 more expensive. I'm taking the headers in next week to get coated!!!! This is a great suggestion, so thanks for it!

I might have the new exhaust ready for my family reunion in August--last road-trip of the year to Manitoba. Hopefully the 'Vette can be sounding (and pulling) meaner by then..........I have some cousins that would love a ride.

Freaking Dynos in Alberta have incredible lag-times though, timing might be tough to get this done in the next couple weeks.........:seeya:
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Well lookie here!

Just picked up the cat-back system to go with the headers. Next stop--install before spring. I have to admit, the mufflers were WAY larger than I thought they'd be. Despite countless hours on youtube and other places, I'm really looking forward to how the car will sound when this all gets done--not to mention how it will pull after the install and tune.

For your viewing pleasure:



Fingers crossed that Vegas doesn't kill me. I might even get powder-coated calipers from Manny--car will be starting to look real good then.......


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It all looks so good! I bet it's killing you to just be looking at it and not hearing/feeling them in your vette. Post some pics when it's installed.

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Yes--totally killing me right now.

Every time I go upstairs I look at them and wonder if I'll like what I've done.

Totally can't wait for spring, and I'll post pics for sure--and try and get a camera as well in order to make my mark in the exhaust library too.
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