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Sep 3, 2013
1974 stingray
hey guys really need help some guy decided to rear end me in a parking lot an not leave a note or anything. Took some pictures of the damage it seems to be only in the rear bumper what should I do, how much is this going to cost me. WP 20140223 14 07 43 Pro more photos if you guys need. thanks in advance
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Charles.. Welcome to the site.
Sorry to see you had a hit-n-run issue. That sucks.
The original polyurethane bumbers go like that with age. The slightest touch or temperature change and they split open.
I did my rear bumper cover last year..Doug noted the link above.
I recommend a flexible-fiberglass replacement bumper cover. I hope insurance will cover this damage.
I bought a bumper cover, $500, had it painted, $450, and installed it myself. It would probably be $1500 at a shop. Most bumper covers need bodywork to fit properly. Contact a few local painter for an estimate. Preferably a bodyshop with Corvette experience.
Contact me if you have any questions.
Sorry to hear - however welcome to the club. Someone pushed in the rear quarter of my Challenger in a parking lot a year ago and left without so much as a whisper. $1,200 to repair, $500 of that at my cost because there were no witnesses to the hit and run. Makes you appreciate honest folks even more...

I agree with Graham's comment to go with flex-fiberglass. Replaced the front cover last spring on my 75 (see pic) and already have the rear cover in the garage just waiting for warmer weather. I was able to get a good front fit myself and I understand the rear is usually an easier match so, aside from the time, effort and expense, it's very do-able!


thanks guys I ordered a bumper from the corvette central website, well see how much it costs ugh.
Hi Charles... I see CC offers a one-piece 1974 rear bumper cover in Tru-Flex fiberglass with a pretend seam. Is that the one you ordered?
Did you order the retainer hardware set too? Recommended.
CC sometimes offers free shipping to Canada with a minimum purchase $$.
You should tell them you are with this site and see if they will help you out?
I'm not saying you will get anything but it might be worth a try. Maybe add some brackets and such to get to a $$ value that they want.
I got lucky when I went to order as I found a '75 bumper cover on local Craigslist, still in the box? And the fellow had the bracket kit as well.
Keep us posted. We're with ya.
For sure, give CC a call, however, I notice that their free shipping is limited to non truck freight items? Not too sure what that means but am guessing that if doesn't fit in a UPS truck, then it won't be free. :(

Anyway, that totally sucks huge about your car getting backed into. Total butt-holes. To make you feel better, I'll go out and back into a car and not leave a note. That way the people I back into get to pay for what those guys did to you! That would work, right? :D
hey guys just got the bumper in, am in the military so I was away for a bit hopefully it I nice out this weekend so I can get it to the shop size it and get it painted pictures to follow when I get it to the shop.
Hi Charles.....
Ask questions here or PM me if you have any concerns.
A few of us have done this. 63 holes to pre-drill!!!!
I really recommend some spreader plates where the bumper cover meets the body.
So exciting!!
PS Thanx for the military time. We all appreciate that!
Remember when i came out from work to see the same thing.Went with a flex-fiberglass skin .just remember anything u buy going to probably need some fitting.
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