Feb 2, 2009
Saskatoon , Sask.
1998 coupe
so the vehicle is a 98 , I have the fancy dual driver ,passenger air/heater control system in it , the control works for dischargeing air in the proper directions as in floor, vents ,dash so that is not the issue. I have installed a new control in the dash and this did not fix my issue. the issue is the passenger side works normal for hot air coming from the vents but I cannot get any hot air from the drivers side vents at all. I have disconnected the battery to drain all power from electronics and sometimes I get hot air for a moment and then back to blowing only cold . so where to look next or try as I can see in sask. we will be needing a heater in the car this spring lol
These are vacuum operated off a very small line on the back of the intake manifold . Being that its a 98 , time has most likely dried out that little tube and it is leaking , this will effect the the amount of vacuum going to the unit and most likely the cause of your problem .

so is this vacuem line something I can only get at the dealer or any parts store and would you happen to know the size ?

You have to take the intake manifold out and remove the front fender in order to access it . We usually just replace it with 1/8" rubber line .
Let me know if you're going to tackle this one. I had my head under the hood as Russ K had my intake off last spring and helped remove the front fender on Brent's 2000 a couple years ago. If I remeber correctly, I may be of some use....but probably not that useful. :D
Not at Taylor's this year and thank goodness. To give a rough analogy, the portable shelters went from granny panties to g-strings! Nothing left to the imagination.

I have the car in a Quonset this year. Digging them out Friday! A little nervous though. The storage was an EXTREME rush and left the car with less than a quarter tank.:eek: I really hope the fuel is ok and she'll fire up and run so I can get over to a fuel station for some fresh fire.

First time I've ever stored a car without a full tank. :(
so I had heat working for 2 days blowing hot air and now back to blowing cold on the drivers side ,this was working from when I hooked up the battery again.so getting this right the vacuem controls the hot/cold variations on the drivers side as well as for the passengers side . so what controls the direction the air goes as in defrost/floor/vents.
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