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Feb 8, 2009
Greg in Toronto/Gtown
1999 C5 Z51
Great GTG meeting today, was a pleasure meeting some new people, did not get a chance to talk to everyone as
there where just so many people there this year. Here is a quick patched together Panview of the lot, looks like
a full house almost. I counted almost 80 vettes during my walk around.

That had to be the biggest turnout yet. Someone else told me they counted close to 100 cars. Man were those mall cops going nuts worried about what we were going to do. :D

It's now officially cruising season boys! :coolgleam:
Wow I think every CF member was out and every lurker in the joint!!--Great day spent with old acquaintances and met some new folk who seem like they will fit right in!!!! As always I took a few snaps (but I did see Lucas around so there have got to be some high quality shots soon!!)

Some of Guelph's finest in attendance.

East ender with Mr. Black and his magic in tow

Lots of vettes

The infamous "Deerslayer"

Poster child for Fantino's new law's--Hehehehehehe!!!

All the usual suspects

Great day then drove up to Gateway for the tech session--great turn out and Daryl--great job as usual!!!!
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