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Feb 28, 2011
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I recently went back to one of my original forums i'd been with for almost 12 years and what a disgrace .They are wondering why they are loosing activities and posts well the answer is simple "manners".As my mentor told me one time its not what you say it;s how you say it .When a new member comes on board with a question ya shouldn't slam his head with the toilet seat .

I've always felt welcome here and can't remember a sarcastic reply to myself or anyone .In fact i've read some apologies because they we're afraid their remake might have offended someone .Canadians in general know how to act , that's why your respected around the world .

The forum format is excellent and easy to get around ,really user friendly .It's just very well done .

I also see an increase in activity since I first joined .Sometimes it's difficult for someone new to fit in but everyone puts out the welcome mat .A big plus that didn't register till lately is that quite often a persons first name will be used .That alone makes people feel part of something and I'll get into that mode more .

Personally I don't have a lot of technical problems with the car as it's an 08 and I shouldn't have many .But it's just a nice place to unwind and be social .

You all are doing a great job ,thank you
Steve Martin :seeya:
One other thing ,if anyone is or was a member of Corvette Action center ,they might remember Jane Ann one of the moderators .Jane Ann suddenly died about a week ago .I'll always remember her ,great friend
You've said it very well Steve -- and in the local vernacular -- "you're welcome, EH!..." ....... As you say, what makes it a special place to hang out is that everyone contributes politely and somewhat without a to-the-letter-of-the-law-rule........ There are rules, there has to be, but it's nice to have some freedom and leeway without upsetting someone -- Indeed, for the most part we succeed.:D

Small gatherings and forums are my cup of tea for me, and it sounds like yours too --

I said "you're welcome" previously......What I'd like to add is a hearty "Thank you" for your contributions, Steve ......... You also make coming here a pleasure and a learning experience.
Your humour and friendliness is special.

(indeed you've probably saved me from distress more than once after hearing about your experiences) -- much obliged :D

Would love to do a 'Timmies' sometime with our far away friends.

Good cheer is good medicine, keep on spreading it,

One other thing ,if anyone is or was a member of Corvette Action center ,they might remember Jane Ann one of the moderators .Jane Ann suddenly died about a week ago .I'll always remember her ,great friend

Condolences to Jane Ann's family and friends. I don't frequent the action center but feel no less remorse for her loss.

God bless Jane Ann.

I always enjoy your wit Steve and Colin's as well. It's one of the reasons I keep hanging out here. One of the reasons I joined in the first place was looking for technical help with the old '75; I haven't found a lot of that here but I have found Manny; now I just need to find some money. But what I have found is great friendship and I've had the honour of meeting some of the esteemed members of this great forum. Looking forward to meeting many more. Keep up the good work Riley and Colin.
I remember when we celebrated 100 registered users!!! It's been great to hang out and watch the forum nature. I couldn't agree more regarding a lot of the other forums and have no desire to go there. Great group of members here.... EH!!!
Hahaha! Yah, that is too funny, hitting 100 registered users, wondering if the forum would grow or just fade into internet dust. Glad we are still here. Glad to have you as part of the family Steve!
you have it right steve, basic manners and common decency needn't be limited by borders. i think this forum attracts folks that become turned off other sites due to belittling and condescending attitudes. i think the growing number of users reflects this. and although the forum is getting larger the atmosphere remains the same because of the conduct of the users. one could make a comparison to a circle of friends that have respect for each other and enjoy getting together. :D doug.
These are are all great responses and they have all "hit the nail on the head". This forum is truly enjoyable. It's the members that make this as well as the moderators. I want this forum to continue in it's success but I never want it to lose the same feeling that it has right now.

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I agree with all the above comments. Since joining this forum recently I have had nothing but polite responses to my questions (which may well have been asked many times before). I enjoy visiting and reading peoples posts and I am never concerned about being belittled for a question or comment. I think we have a decent, respectful bunch of members.
Your right Riley and that'a why I try to spread the word about the Forum whenever I can. I only hope my small contribution of Tee's and hats is helping out. When I'm at the Coping event this year I'm hoping we can get a group picture with everyone wearing there Tee's, Would make a great sticky for new members to see!
I can't think of another web site where groups of guys from the site get together for lunch and/or coffee. It's always nice being able to put faces to names. The Coping event will make it just that much better. It's all too easy for people to get out of hand and moderators have to be quick to act and not even let it start. I've seen some exchanges get pretty heated, especially when big egos are involved.
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