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Sent to me from our very own Tony (in Welland). Thanks Tony.

I had no idea Lithium Ion batteries could be so dangerous if heated, and certainly puts a different light on car fires involving these batteries.

GPS left in the Sun

If one little lithium battery will cause this much damage, imagine what would happen
to those hybrid or electric cars packed with batteries. GPS left on dashboard in
the Sun. You think this may be a reason why the US PostalService will not ship electronic devices that contain lithium batteries any longer?

GPS was placed in its bracket in the windshield and left in the sun. The battery
overheated and exploded!


A lot of energy there. Cell phones and ipods contain the same batteries as well.
holy s***, now i'm afraid to use my drill !!! :eek:

Try this one, it's pretty safe. Bythe way, a map still does the job and won't set your car on fire

Manual drill :rofl:
One of the biggest problems with exploding/over heating lithium ion batteries is when someone uses a partly discharged battery with a new battery. The heat and meltdown comes from the dead battery trying to recharge itself from the fresh battery and this is where the problem lies. I have a flashlight that uses lithium ion batteries and always make sure to replace them in pairs.

Now, this doesn't explain the GPS units as they don't have replaceable batteries but they probably have one defective one that doesn't charge at the same rate and boom!
I don 't know how common this battery fire problem is but maps are looking better all the time. :)

I always have a hard copy backup with me in case the new wonderful technology lets me down.

A little care and common sense with lithium ion powered utensils should waylay any issues.

The charging of different strengths batteries makes sense too Riley. Good point.
Replace in pairs.

LOL Keith.......yes threads do seem to go somewhat astray occasionally.

I will talk to the guilty party(s):D but we're all pretty laid back, and the youngsters seem to have infinite patience for we seniors.

Sure is fun coming here compared to other places. :D

I'll call myself middle aged (I wish I was still a youngster) and I always enjoy reading the posts of you fine gentlemen. :D
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