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CONRATS CANADA :canada::canada::canada::canada::canada::canada:

There should be no doubt where the best hockey players come from and who plays our game the best:

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Monday should be a national holiday. I'm wearing my team Canada jersey to work tomorrow. :canada:
I just happy there wasn't another 'Miracle on Ice'. Awesome outcome. Hats off to all of our athletes - they did us proud!
Super Exciting Game!!! But maybe a little too exciting... I'm very proud of all our athletes.
Awesome could of gone either way. Excellent performance from both teams!
Thats how hockey should be played.
What a fantastic finish to our best Olympics ever.
We should be proud of every single athlete that participated in the games. Some great stories were told and a bit of history was made.

Way to go Canada you made us Proud.:canada:

Now the problem is, what do we do now ? Nothing compares to that kind of TV.

For us in the GTA, we are stuck watching the Leafs. Talk about climbing to the top of the mountain then being forced to jump off the peak.

We just proved it. Burke & Wilson still can't win anything.:D
So proud to be Canadian. Our nation's pride really shone despite some wanker foreign reporters dis'ing our country. And how about that mini-moron Apollo "Oh-NO!". The moron plays unfair and blames the Cdn judge - what a douche!
:agree: I too spoke with some colleagues down south who after accepting bitter defeat, were still happy for us Canadians as we are soo proud of our hockey heritage.

I had the opportunity to take in two hoackey games last week, USA vs. Suisse and Canada vs. Russia

Both games were absolutely phenominal. And of course once the games were done I took the company I was with (from Calgary) around town for the celebration.

Never a better time than to be in Vancouver:canada:
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