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Jan 11, 2009
2000 Z51
What mileage does everyone get with their cars? Maybe also put the year and transmission found in your car, Thanks!

City: 20-24mpg
Highway: 33-37mpg

Year: 2000 Coupe
Tranny: 6mn
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Getting about 16 - 18 city, 22 - 23 highway. Guess I might wanna ease up on the throttle.
'85 C4 auto with 235K
I'm averaging 22 MPG in my 98 (automatic with 3.15 gears) lately, but there is no rush hour traffic involved there. On a pure highway trip I've seen over 30. These numbers are according to the DIC (which I've found to be very accurate in my car, it's only off by a couple of tenths)
Just came back from Bloomington Gold in Chicago and averaged 7.8 L/100KM for the entire trip. Easily did 35 MPG on the highway portion.

2001 coupe with M6
Not sure what mine gets. I don't take long enough trips on the highway with it, and in the city it depends on how I drive. I'm not too concerned about the mileage anyways as it's not a daily driver.

But hey guys, it's not about the mileage . . . . . . . it's about the Smile-age!

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