Nov 3, 2012
buckhorn ontario
anybody ever use freeze-off made by CRC ? does it work ? who sells it ? the bolts holding my exhaust manifolds are pretty cantankerous. i don't want to use the heat wrench as it is rather cozy in there. pulling the engine isn't going to happen until i replace it. my thought was to run the motor for 15-20 min and then spray the bolt heads with freeze-off but i would like to know beforehand how effective the stuff is. :canada:
I've never used it, but the principle seems sound.

Two minute commercial - CRC Freeze Off Super Penetrant - YouTube

yes, i've seen that video and it intrigued me enough to wonder about trying it. i've also heard of canned compressed air being used. it also appears that billy-bob rounded the heads a bit at some point but i have extracter sockets and the 14mm i think will grip ok. i have a lovely pair of ceramic coated long tubes gathering dust in my family room !!! :rofl:
Never heard of it but the idea looks sound. Let us know how it works if you try it. :D
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