I use a T mobile sim, $3 a day only on the days you use your phone. ad $10 every 3 months to the plan... $40 a year.

200MB of 4G data and unlimited calls and texting in the usa.

You can walk into a t mobile store and get a card or order one from amazon.com - $14-18


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Rogers has a new $5 a day use your Cnd plan amounts in the USA. It is OK.. but if you only have 1GB a month and you use your maps tons on a holiday... that takes lots of data.

I have gotten 3 of these t mobile SIM cards for friends and getting 2 more for my Lawyer in a week when I am in Florida.

One guy lost his SIM last winter and got another one from me and is now in NYC to march in the Macy's Day parade.. and loves the plan.

I switched my bell plan to wind here in the GTA. 42/month for unlimited calls text n data here, and when in USA it roams on T-Mobile and at&t unlimited calls text data in us and free calling back to Canada. Switched back in may and since then I've spent 9 weeks in USA with no extra cost. On drive to Florida son spent most of the trip streaming YouTube videos in the car. Just got back from two weeks in florida and used over 4gb of data. And never any additional charges.
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