Nov 12, 2009
New Brunswick
2006 C6
OK, Here is my rant

I've looked at the article for sale section on this forum time and time again, and most, if not all, rarely have pictures of the articles for sale.
Folks, It's not that difficult to post pics in this forum, or any forum.
I get it when people are selling stock spoilers or door are probably not needed, these are usually easy to figure out what condition they are in, but wheels and tires and such, really are useless without pictures. Buyers want to see the wheels and tires up close for thread wear, and condition of wheels, curb rash etc.
Now I feel better :driving:
Very true. I don't know why someone would not want to post pictures and alway enjoy it when they do, however, if someone does not wish to post pictures, I assume it should be alright to get pictures PM'd if they wish to not publicly display their car/parts.
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