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Jul 21, 2011
1976 L82
I have 1976 corvette L82 four speed. It was stored in my garage and was caught in a flood. Up to the gauges in water. I got the water out of the motor tranny and rear end. Started and moved around. Was going to start on the interior. That's when the tranny jammed in gear. Then the engine at idle in the driveway just died. Wouldn't start again. Now windows don't work. The gauges don't register. Headlights don't go up. Am I in for more trouble than the car is worth. Other people say get rid of it. It only had 60,000 miles on her and ran like a top. What would your advice be?
Thanks Putts
Sounds like your going to have to replace every electrical motor and component including the gauges and the whole wiring harness as a start. The car may not be worth it financially but anything is always worth saving based on the fact that it's a vette or based on sentimental value.
It was under for 24 hours. Got it out as soon as I could get near it. No insurance. Considered an act of God. Had insurance but not covered for flood.
That sucks! My only guess would be as stated above to start pulling the car apart. Get the interior out and make sure everything is dried through. Inspect the wiring for corrosion (if any of the copper has started to turn green or black). You may need to order a wiring harness and all electrical as Tony mentioned.

Sorry to hear about this. Hopefully someone can chime in if they know a quick fix or have experience reviving a flooded car.
Thanks everyone for your help and sugestions. Looks like I will be taking a lot of things off and drying and cleaning. Will keep you updated on my progress.
Thanks Ron
I would start looking at all of the main electrical points before pulling out each part I think it is odd that nothing works. Check all of your main electrical points for corrosion or bad connections
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