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Jan 11, 2009
2000 Z51
Well, we had a good little meet for our Thrusday GTG. The weather kind of sucked and was cold so only it was only Adam, Brent (With the awesome '67 Camaro) and myself. Kjell ended up driving by later so it was good to see him too, but it was dark by then so I never snapped a pic of his car.

Too bad others didn't come out to see the 60th Anniversary Z! What a nice car! And the tires! The front tires are bigger than the rear tires on my car!!!! The Z is one incredible machine and Adam offered to let me take it for a spin, but I declined. I want my Corvette to still impress me. :D. Also shown that night was a video of a certain Camaro laying down 300 foot stripes (on a private road of course). Purely awesome. Apparently the rubber was getting stale on the outside of the tires and needed to be scrubbed to get to the new stuff! :rofl:

Hey Riley:

It was great meeting you last night! When i return to Nipawin....i will upload that video of the 67' Camaro layin" the "blacky". Looking forward to a cruise later this summer.....unfortunately i won't be able to make it to Pike Lake on Sunday. Thanks for takin' the pics.......
Good meeting you as well! I can't wait for the video upload. Hopefully by the time you come back, I'll have a couple roads picked out for a good cruise. Just in reply to your PM and stating that the offer is open to me trying out the "go-pedal" on your car, well, I guess it depends on whether I brought a fresh set of underwear. :D
Oh, hahaha. I thought Colin was referring to seeing my car do that! :rofl:

I think it would take a trip to Manny's to get my car to do a 300 ft burnout!....Or I could just find a couple space saver spare tires to put on the back. :D
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