Riley P
Jan 11, 2009
2000 Z51
Well, I was on my way back home after a week of being out of town and was in a hurry because we needed to meet some friends for a supper. 40km outside of Saskatoon, I hear a wap-wap-wap-wap noise coming from the rear wheel well. I figured the tread started to separate and slowed down as I didn't want it tearing up my fender.... but the noise stopped. So I kept rolling for a little bit, no warning on the DIC about tire pressure. Speed up just a bit and wap-wap-wap... so I slowed right down and pulled over on the side of the highway and looked to see what the noise is. The back tire was getting low, the tread looks good but I did find this...

No tread separation.... but it was so flat.

Flat Tire

I found a blury hex bolt head...well it wasn't blury to me but I didn't really want to spend more time on the side of the highway than needed.

Bolt in Tire

Anyway, tried pulling the bugger out and it was tough when I got to the threaded section. But luckily, I also had vice grips and yanked the bolt out of the tire to find this.

Bolt From Tire

Somehow this bolt, with a nut in it, made it's way onto the tire....which left a sizable hole! I have a Dynaplug tool but thought I would be pulling nails and screws, not a freaking bolt with a nut on it!!!

I figured, what the heck, lets see what the Dynaplug tool will do. Well, I had to almost wipe the tool on the side of the hole to get the plug to come out. By the 4th plug there was enough resistance that the plug would stay in the tire. Somewhere I heard 5 total plugs could be used so after the 5th one, I tried pumping up the tire but it wouldn't get above 7 psi as it was still leaking too much air. We called CAA for a flatbed but it was going to be over an hour. I figured, what the heck, I have three more plugs left... I put the last three in and turned on the compressor and it held air!!!

Once again blury, but there are 8 plugs in this hole!

Plugs in Tire

I filled the tire to 30 psi and cut off the tail to the plugs. It still very slowly leaked air but I was able to drive 25 km at 80 km/hr before it hit 25 psi where I filled it to 32 psi and made it home from there with room to spare!

So, thank you to Brian and Dynaplug for making this tool so I could get home and only be 30 mins late. Absolutely amazing that it could fill such a giant hole and hold the pressure so I could get home..... now for those new tires I've been needing for a year.....

Oh! And Brian, I'll need some more refills. :rofl:
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OMG... haha. that is great that it saved you!

4 is suppose to be the max plugs that is recommend but if it limps you home to get you out of a bind,,, great.. back tire is the better one to chance then a front.

I will send you a 5 pack soon.

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you should all carry some snips to cut the extra flat with the tire tread.

bring a small water bottle too with some soap in it to pour on to see if any bubbles... don't drink the water.. label it! haha

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Talk about saved by the Dynaplug! Sure glad I bought one! Looks like this is a great product and works! Good to hear you made it home safe and sound Riley!

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That sucks Riley, at least you made it home. I ordered a set of the Hankook Ventus V12s if you want to check them out before you buy. They cost me $702 delivered to my door, they shipped them Monday and I had them by noon Thursday.
That's incredible that a bolt/nut that big went through the tread???
Holy Crap!
I'm glad that DynaPlug fixed that and got you home.
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I wondered where in the hell that bolt got too...

If your done with it can you send it back to me? Thanks Riley....

See you in Ponoka next year.....
I have never seen anything like this!! That's unreal, Riley. Luckily you were able to plug it and get on your way. No one would've believed you without pictures.

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So that was your bolt!!! I'm not too sure if you want it back as it's slightly scratched up... :D

Thanks for the well wishes guys! It was a bit of a head scratcher being amazed that this could make it's way into the tread and wondering if I was going to be able to plug this thing. Not trying to put in a plug here (ba-dum-dum-ching!) but I am very glad to have this tool as it was quite easy to use and happy that Brian found it and made me aware of it so I could have one handy!

I'll see if the tire shop can take a picture of the inside of the tire for me!

I'll have to look into the Ventus tires Grundy. Thanks for the heads up!
WOW, a bolt.. wasn't left by me..... I don't leave nails on the road either.

Glad it helped you get back. I will send you some more plugs.

I will show this story to head office one day soon.

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Riley that is just incredible that it made its way into the tire. You would think that something that big would just be run over. Hope it did not damage the wheel.

I am impressed that the DynaPlug actually filled that hole and held air. I hope I never need mine but I am glad I bought one.
I'm impressed. After seeing this, I'll be keeping my DynaPlug kit handy as well. In 2012, I ran over a little screw. That would have been a piece of cake compared to this. There couldn't be a better advertisement for the DynaPlug than this one.

Yes, very true

Glad you were able to get to where your going with only 30 min downtime... if it was one small nail you could have been back on the road in 5-10 min.

I sent you more plugs yesterday... but hope you don't need them! :)

Glad you were able to get to where your going with only 30 min downtime... if it was one small nail you could have been back on the road in 5-10 min.

I sent you more plugs yesterday... but hope you don't need them! :)

Glad I could get on the road soon too. The actual plugging part was pretty quick for what it was... I just kept laughing to myself wondering how the plugs will even hold and well, they did! Most of the delay in my arrival was due to driving slower than highway speed. I set the cruise to 80km/h, had the tire pressure showing on the DIC and all worked out.....actually, I drove at "50 mph" so I could read the tire pressure in psi as I wanted to fill the tire back up at 25 psi and kPa really means nothing to me....(which I now know is 172 kPa but who will also be a long time before I start telling people I'm 185 cm tall when they ask my height.)

Looking forward to more plugs! I've never had a flat on the highway before. The bolt made up for all of them I think! :rofl:
So, I got the tire back and the first tireshop wouldn't repair it and pulled the plugs out before I could take a picture. :mad:
However, I have to give props to OK Tire as they stepped up and are fixing the tire.

Here are a couple pictures of the hole.
a) Yes I know I need new tires
b) Until the car gets new tires, it is no longer going to be used on the highway.

The plugs

Patch Made by Plugs

And the hole left by the bolt..... I've actually never seen a hole in a tire before.


Hole Outside of Tire


Hole in Tire
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