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First Corvette Z06 Carbon Sells For Nearly $300,000
The first of a particular can be a big deal to some people. While there may not be any discernible differences between car #1
and car #7,845, when it comes to collector value, a low VIN number can mean tens of thousands of dollars in different values.
Maybe some people really just like to be the first to own a particular car.

It seems like that might be the case of Rick Hendrick, who owns numerous race teams and now also owns the first Corvette
Z06 Carbon Edition, with a final purchase prize of $297,000 at last week's Barrett-Jackson Auction.

Barrett-Jackson Photo:

When the gavel first fell, the price had stalled at $270,000, but when it came to buyers fees and auction commission, $297,000
was the final tally. It seems like an awful lot of money for a Corvette that really just borrows parts from its higher-end sibling,
the ZR-1. The Carbon Edition, as you might expect, gets certain carbon fiber like the hood, as well as ceramic Brembo brakes
and Magnetic Ride Control. Just 500 of these special Corvettes will be produced, and Mr. Hendrick has numero uno.

In addition to the car, Hendrick will get a chance to tour the plant where LS7 and LS9 engines are hand assembled. It likely won’t
be his first visit though. Hendrick has in the past bought the first production 2010 Camaro for the mighty sum of $350,000. He also
bought five Corvette ZR-1’s when they were first announced, as presents for his team members. He sounds like a good guy to work
well... nice car obviously but $300k? wow... I assume I dont understand because I'm a driver, not a collector :D
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