Mar 13, 2011
Leaving tomorrow to Bowling Green to watch my car be built. They start to build her Wednesday morning finish sometime Monday. I will send pictures of my Grand Sport soon as I get photo album mailed to me from the plant. To be honest I have been going nuts waiting for this day. Never bought new before because you loose to much money. On this car I got such a awesome deal bought it brand new with every option going.
AH-SUM! sounds like it's going to be a blast - I've never been to a car plant to watch cars being built before, but have watched many heavy trucks being built at various plants with customers over the years.... congratulations and enjoy - keep us posted with pics etc when you get 'em!
There was a program on Speed channel once, was a tour of the Corvette plant...boss called me from his house (I was at work) and he told me to run home to record it lol
Likely about as close as I will get to seeing the plant.
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