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In True Awesome Corvette Comeradery we always remain light hearted ... we had inside reserved parking with one stall left over ... but not for long ... just look left and down on the first photo ... 😂
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By the way - I was told that Hotel Staff did this ... great bunch of people
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great pictures as always Zig..... I will be messing with my Rylo 360 video and " Anderson Cooper " 360 pictures over the coming days... inside joke...
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A special thanks to Brian, Paul, Spence and everyone else for the organizing and making it a lovely weekend

There is much to be said and thanks does go out to everyone who committed time and expense for these experiences. It is not without saying that many had what they may consider to be a small roll in making this event as good as it could be - it does not exclude yourself Ziggy. I will say, my part was very very small - as all I had to do was pretty much just show up and offer anything I could if/when Brian needed it - otherwise I got the heck out-of-the-way to take up the position of enjoying everything around us. As those on this trip know, I had a navigating perspective for the entire weekend … so I might have to ask and find another section here for non-piloting chit-chat. Freda on the other hand had a absolute blast. Without intention, she somehow found herself leading the Banff Avenue Cruise after briefly losing the group from behind. She stated to me that she didn't know what to do in the lead position and I just said for her to go wherever she wanted, at her pace and everyone will follow. She stated at the end "OK, been there done it, don't need to do it again". It was understood that it is not easy taking the lead with the group even though they just happily fall into place with their smiles. Freda was then able to get a good shot of coffee in Lake Louise and the TransCanada was all hers for a brief moment to get "Realgon" :thumbs:. #1 Thanks goes to Brian, he personally took this on with everything he had to keep us smiling - our job was to keep Brian smiling. The Group was excellent and we were aware that those who were disappointed, were those that were as not fortunate to be able to join us (with obvious and good reasons).
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Some on this journey may have noticed that @Jeffer2013 set us up on a 2-way handset trial with more powerful units. @RockyPM and myself made up the three "contestants". Shuffling positions on this cruise from front-to-back and in-between (hence part reason for the "Realgon" burst between Lake Louise and Golden), these sets lived up to what we were told by the supplier. It is with great appreciation that he allowed us to test the units. The prime reason is that we had a trail run with obstructions ahead of the Bowling Green Kentucky Caravan next year. Long-story, short, these units have "special pricing" for those who may be interested. They are preprogrammed to work Channel 12 thru 16 with a privacy setting and semi-professional. They will work with many of the cruisers and clubs in our area. True, they are not inexpensive however they mean business. The three of us had opportunity to communicate over hills and around mountain corners and it was exceptional. A pair of these will allow anyone to communicate between one another not only on our Corvette Cruises … but even while at Costco or in Disneyland. They remove the need for cellular service for Car-Play or messaging that we discovered was compromised not only on this Mountain Cruise but also on the cruise in middle Montana. My sell job is done and here's the pricing and info … let me know if you would like the supplier name here in Calgary. They also have accessories which include a speaker-mic ($55).
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