We live in Langley, BC and my daughter lives near Edmonton, AB.
We travel there 2-3 times a year, 800 miles each way. I took this pic while going thru Jasper National Park. I have since stopped at the same spot almost everytime we make the trip, with many different vehicles and cars with different wheels, etc. My family always laughs and wants to see the latest picture by the 'slanted tree'..!
This is one of the favorite pics of my car, taken in 1999. Note the rainbow.

This is my next fav picture....This is what makes it GO! ZZ4 crate engine.

And here is the Vette waiting to do it's job on the slalom course...

thanx for looking............................. graham
Wow ! What a great looking car ...

Having owned it so long, you've had a lot of years of hearing .."Black is SO hard to keep clean" ... :D
thanx for the comments..I like the car as too..It has served us well. When we first got it my wife used to drive it to work occasionally. We even put snow tires on in the winter. It then worked it's way to being a toy and a special member of the family.
The other day I was cleaning out the parts shed and pulled out the original #'s motor. It has been wrapped up since I installed the ZZ4 in 1998.

I also found the original factory Firestone 500 spare tire.

have a great day. thanx for looking
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