Like this one from late last fall.


Great shot!
I like the 100th anniversary edition Z06 the best, hands down.

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Yea its a toss up between that and the 2010 red with comp gray wheels. Love red lol.

The interior in the Centennial is just so euro and comfy though. Hard decision. Unfortunately for me I dont have the money to buy either so I'll just keep dreaming lol.
Love this one even though as a photo it's nothing special, it's the day I got the Borla Stingers installed at Manny's "Original Home Style Garage" :)


I cringe when I see the door open on "those" hoists They ruined my door on my original paint 28,000KM 88 Monte carlo I'll never put my car between those posts

Thats becuase you didn't come to me , mine have foam on the sides to protect the doors :D
One of my most favorite is of my son on his grad night with his date .
I gave them the car to drive for the night :D

The girls mom says to me ." You know a lot of her friends are going in limos , but daughter is going in a Corvette "
That has stuck with me since :coolgleam:



Ya know it hurts of course to see the damage but on the other hand the owner will take it home and stick it back together and take it back out again racing and getting more OOOH's and AAAH's from the crowd.

I love to see these cars on the road, on the track, anywhere rather than stuck in someone's basement/museum/personal collection etc...for almost nobody to see.

I say kudos to this guy for getting it out and showing people and wowing people and taking the time and money to do so. Good for him.

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