Some are perhaps, but in general I do not think they are anything but a product of the cultural and technological progression. Same as we were in our time. Bigger more modern tractors etc on the farm gave us much more time to enjoy TV and indoor plumbing rather than working non stop through the winters feeding a tending to the livestock. We were considered to have it easy compared to our parents and grandparents.
I see you are demonstrating the same opinions that were perpetrated on your own generation... that's what makes this so funny to me. Of course in our day there was no youtube and all the other social media crap that instantly displayed the moments in everyones life that were less than admirable.
I've got a kid here who is working harder than I have ever worked pulling in 100% marks in University saying "a PHD is not enough..I want more". I've got another one who is running a business and already owns properties at 25.
Yes it is true the millennials generally do not work the way we did and do, but maybe these kids are just working smarter in general than we did because they have the tools and means to do so.

my 2 cents...

Thinking kids being a product of their raising at home (parenting) and the influences experienced in the environments they explore, reflects strongly on their confidence and outlook as journey into adult life. At a point, parents have to hold back a little more to let their seed germinate, sprout, leaf and flower. It's the point at where that happens that is important as no combination of the factors are the same for every kid.
My Wife and I are blessed with a Child that takes schooling as "her job" ever since the beginning. We are proud of her successes and have realized that she is ready to make her own choices as a freshman in high school. She sets high standards for herself - even with not wanting to take her GDL (leaner driver license) test until she was confident she will pass with 100% on the first attempt. Then here I go suggesting that she can lessen her demand on herself, without telling her but knowing that as soon as you achieve the minimum required number of questions correct (80%), the test ends (you can't get 100% on this test like her Dad had the chance of doing) (oh god ... another "when I was young ..." thing). Talk about an oxymoron ... when parenting with them to be as successful as possible.
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Like everything, there is contrary opinions! There is some decent young people. But in general its the parenting styles that makes them better. A family friend is in his 90's and remarried a younger lady. A doctor. They have twin twenty something kids. They in my opinion made the mistake of homeschooling in the USA. His kids believe anything someone says. Very naïve and gullible. I have a 12 almost 13 year old niece. She rarely looks up from her phone. My parents have a commercial apple orchard in the USA. The Mexican migrant worker kids are more like the positive millennials people describe.
My phone basically stays in the car when I'm out working. Mostly hate texting with people. My younger relatives are crazy into their phones even some my age, etc..... My mother is a facebook addict. We try to monitor the under 16's in my family......... So for the most part we personnel know their friends. My house is a no texting and you need to use my computer on the account I created for them. Unless over 16..............
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