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Feb 28, 2009
Cold lake, Alberta
HLN55, this is for you mainly cause you live in Edm.
A question of if you know a great place in Edm that does custom exhaust work. In the spring i'm looking at changing up the oem to something more beefy simple magnaflows or something like that and I don't know reputible place,
can you fix me up? be much appreciated

let me confirm a few things and I'll get back to you. I wouldn't be super concerned if your just going with a simple cat back.. You could easily get the system installed locally in Cold Lake without an issue i'm pretty sure!!!
Oh ok Fair enough, I kinda thought the same. However My GF lives up in Westlock and we go into Edm a fair amount, wouldn't be a prob at all going to a good place that will fix me up in Edm, get it done right the first time. Obviously there's lots of time, lol however just planning and preping the next season. That and as well auto tinting.
I have the same "planning" addiction lol I just picked up a set of Kooks LT headers and x-pipe off Kijiji in Calgary for $900.

Now it's the G5X3 cam kit and I'm good to go... just have to "plan" where I'm going to take 'er in the spring. LOL
I've used Gene at the Mufflercenter a ton in the past. Him and my dad/family go back a long way and he's already done great. Even changed out my bro's exhaust on his bimmer cause he thought it was too loud... I haven't used him in a couple years but give him a call. Great guy.
Tks HLN, will do, myself, i'm a little shy on the deep upgrades. Cost and professional work for sure. But fun. Right now i'm working on cosmetic. Lots of stainless in the engine, low profile guards, lots of Billet/Bezel compontents.
Once complete i'll tackle exhaust in the spring, nothings better than the sound, and then rims/tires. I'll also be looking for a great place for rims, any ideas?
rims is a pretty personal choice and the range in pricing is crazy too... I'm partial to the CCW's that a lot of guys are running but like I said, you need to find the style for you and then you'll know where to buy them as there isn't a lot of options once you know the make and model you like. For example, I love a lot of the Lg motorsports rims and if you want a set of those, you pretty much need to get them from Manny (NASTY98) i would guess.
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