2 You're 10
Apr 29, 2009
Saskatoon, Sk
2006 convert, 1984
:confused:Does anybody have any knowlege or experience in finding an electrical drain in an 84 Corvette? I have had it in for service more times than I can count and all they do is replace the battery and/ or alternator.
Hook up a test light on the negative side of the batt between the cable and the batt , pull on fuse at a time , when the light goes out you will be able to tell what circuit has the draw, that will narrow it down! Ron
electrical drain

Thanks. I'll try that. So I put the tester between the negative cable and the negative post of the battery? Probably a dumb question but why does pulling the fuse in the circuit with the draw make the light go out and not when there is no draw.

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