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Jan 27, 2009
Richmond, B.C.
Yeah... I cancelled my order... just too long, and still not knowing when/if it might arrive.

So, just out of curiosity... how long was it between when you gave your order,
and then actually received your car?

I could do a poll, but the ranges would be far too large, and unknown
to set it up.

So, just give the date you ordered (YYYYMMDD), and the date you took it home (YYYYMMDD).

Let's just see what the min, max, and average time was.
I figure there must be 15 or 20 of you guys on the site, right?

We should be able to get some interesting numbers.
my sons friend just ordered the 2015 z06, about a week ago. now he waits......
Ordered end of November/Early December 2013.

Took delivery April 29th 2014.

I really think its how your dealer handles it. My dealership was a small one and i was one of only two allocations.
I think it has to do with how many allocations a dealer has.
In my case, they (supposedly) had 30 allocations for 2014, and those were all used up
when I ordered mine (March 7, 2014).
So I had to wait till they got another allocation... they placed the order in June, 2014.
Of course, I have since cancelled... it would have been a 2015.
But, they didn't care... they had 6 allocations so far for 2015, and they have 16 people/orders waiting. So I merely opened up for another person.

We seem to be a min of 3 months, to a max of 9 months... and I am not sure if it matters
if you are eastern or western Canada.

But american dealers are filling orders like crazy....
and they are offering $4K discounts on in-stock and near-delivery 2014s.

And there are over 1000 C7s for sale on autotrader.com;
99% are for new cars offered by dealers.

From a GM automotive perspective, it sure makes me glad to be Canadian (NOT !!!!!).
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