Will it be a ZL1 or a GS?
Now I need to get onto an already closed list once I order my SR and wait 3-4 years, here we go again (sigh). Real work problems I know. Hoping the hundreds of people already on a Z06/eRay list will mostly want a Z06 and most will pass to allow the few on there to get the eRay when the time comes
I'm #3 on an E-ray list with a smaller dealer since the summer of 2021 and they said I might not see an allocation until the end of 2024... likely 2025.
US Prices:
The E-Ray coupe starts at $104,295 VS Z06 coupe starts at $106,695.
The E-Ray convertible starts at $111,295 VS Z06 convertible $113,695.
The Stingray coupe starts at $65,895, and convertible $73,395.
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Canadian E-Ray coupe starts at $128,798 vs Z06 coupe starts at $130,197. Difference of only $1,399
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