Apr 30, 2012
2005 C6 1SB
How dumb can you be and still manage to get your hands on a Corvette. If it were me, I certainly wouldn't be putting this on the internet and telling the whole world. I've only smelled a burning clutch once in a guy's car and there is no mistaking it for tire smoke. The smell is almost immediate. You don't have to sit there for a while to get the idea. Like a guy said, stupidity should be painful.
corvette burnout gone bad - YouTube
Yep! The guy is quite the moron. I remember when I went to launch my Chevelle, I let out the clutch and the rpm came up and I noticed the tires weren't spinning as the speedo wasn't coming up and there was no tire noise. After about 3 solid seconds, I left off the gas and pushed in the clutch. Quite a stink so I left the clutch pushed in for a minute to keep the plates apart and let things cool a bit. The clutch still worked but I knew it was weak so it got replaced a year later with a center force.

You can find quite a few knobs on the internet destroying their clutches. I watched one where a guy in a Mustang blew his up!
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