Aug 23, 2010
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Head to your friendly neighbourhood CAA office to buy an International Driver's Permit and have another "passport-like" photo taken before driving to Florida.

As of January 1st, your Canadian-issued provincial driver's licence is no longer sufficient in the State of Florida, and you cannot apply for an international permit from outside Canada. That means all those snowbirds already there have a problem. :confused:

Foreign Citizens Visiting Florida

If you will be visiting Florida and driving on a foreign driver license, as of January 1, 2013 you must have in your possession an International Driving Permit (IDP) issued by your country of residence and a valid license from that country. This applies to any vehicle, including rental vehicles. The IDP must be in the customer's name and from their country of residence. Again, this permit is only to be shown in conjunction with a valid driver license issued from your country, not as a substitute. You will need to contact the authorities in your country who issued your driver's license, or the motoring association there, to find out how to obtain an IDP. A listing of associations in foreign countries authorized to issue an IDP is provided for your reference, courtesy of the American Automobile Assn (AAA).
SOURCE - Official Website Florida Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles

CAA information - International Drivers Permit | Travel - CAA South Central Ontario

Under current Florida legislation, if you do not have an international permit, you can be charged for operating a motor vehicle without a valid licence.

Attempts are being made to exempt Canadians with "English" licences from this requirement, but it may take several months for this to take effect.

Makes staying home sound better all the time, doesn't it.

It's always something. :nono:
Good info Bob.....thanks. Certainly worth a phonecall or 2.
and yes what with one thing and another, it does make staying home sound better and better.

Link to the CAA application form for an IDP:

IDP info

I'm a happy member of CAA, but how does a business organization end up being the only issuer of a permit like this? Shouldn't some government agency have this responsibility? What if you live in a place where there is no CAA office, like northern Ontario? :confused:

By the way, the International Drivers Permit is NOT valid for use in Canada.

I wonder what the benefit is for Florida? Increased funds due to citations?

Apparently the Florida police are tired of trying to decipher non-English licences.

Some of you will know that I'm heading to Tennessee in a few days to pick up another project car. Plans were to hit Florida first, for a few days relaxation. Screw that now. I've had enough of increasing regulations, nuisance and constant bull to deal with. Where I can, I'm eliminating it from my life.

I'm heading to Tennessee and turning right around for home again. Florida just lost the first of many tourist dollars.
This really sucks ,If it we're not for the Canadians Florida would be in a whole lot worse shape .Not only the huge amount spent for tourism ,food ,gas, and other staples but the amount of distressed property that Canadians have bought up .Florida should be kissin your azz .

This country (USA) has no concept of what they are doing .I for one apologize for their stupidity .
Thanks, Elf, but it appears as though the inmates are in charge everywhere.

Apparently, the permit looks like this, although ours is issued by Canada, not Poland. ;)


It's $25 for the one-year-only permit and another $10 for the photo. $35 won't kill me, but I'm still not doing it. I've had enough. Remember when we lived along the world's longest undefended (and easily-crossed) border?

It's fading into the distant past very quickly.
I too thought about it but decided not to. To hell with that....Like Elf says we take a lot to Florida every year.
I'm betting they'll expedite that exemption for Canadians for fear of losing business.

I too thought about it but decided not to. To hell with that....Like Elf says we take a lot to Florida every year.
I'm betting they'll expedite that exemption for Canadians for fear of losing business.

I'd like to think so but I doubt they have a clue .I loved the old days when we waved as we crossed into Canada .
Getting back to Florida I bet that half of the Hispanics don't have a drivers licence and a lot are here illegally .
I posted this on another form this morning.
One guy thought it was a good idea. :eek:
My question to him was, how is paying $25.00 going to make you a better driver.
It's just another tourism tax. Hurting their main source of winter tourists / Snowbirds.
What a joke. We have better drivers than they do.
I was in Florida in September and everyone is either talking on their phone or texting.:canada:
Just heard on the radio that this policy has been revoked. It is against the Geneva Convention apparently! :rofl:

You may now continue on your journey to Florida as you see fit.
You may now continue on your journey to Florida as you see fit.

The Florida State Highway Patrol says they'll ignore it for now. What about the county mounties? Yeah, tell Bubba I'm good to go when he pulls me over. :rofl:

And, to quote...."Budget customer service told the Star that by law the permit would be required along with the driver
Geez. What next?! Thanks for the info. We frequent Florida quite often. I'd hate to get dinged without even knowing about it.

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