Morning drink is Bailey's & coffee--sometimes with some kahlua and frangelico. If I'm on vacation (or a bender)--coor's light--with clam (both kinds).


Man, lots these days, but Kronenbourg jas been my go to lately--in addition to Tiger, Steamwhistle, Sapporro, Steigl (yeah, I'm a little bit of a beer snob)...Lately that Velvet Fog stuff has been going down good too!!

If I want to get SLAMMED.......

Gin and tonic--wedge of lime--although I've been known to mix-it-up a little, this has been my runaway drink for quite a while.


medium bodied reds are my favs. Some of those cabs are too thick and hearty.

Many favourites for many times!!!!!

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I just had some samples of some amazing liqueurs by a small distillery in Saskatoon call Lucky Bastard Distillery.

LB Distillery Website: Home

Of the samples I tried, the Saskatoon Berry and Carmine Jewel were amazing!!! Anyone in or coming to Saskatoon, I really suggest stopping by to try it!
....well I don't mind Polish Kool-Aide ( vodka ) . Actually a farmer down the road here started making some and is winning top awards in North America under the brand name Provincial.
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