One of the expert installers over on the CCA forum posted this for me..

"from what I remember of this car, he is facing a custom fabrication to make it fit. A double din kit from Metra for a Gm vehicle may provie a starting point for him but it will need modification to the kit and vehicle to squeeze in a double din"

I myself did some reasearch on this a little and come up with no out of the box solutions for a double din in these cars...

I guess the message is... It can be done but not that easily... I noticed that Pioneer had some 1.5 din head units... i'm not sure if that's what you're looking for. I decided that if I upgrade the sound that I'll be adding equipment (either an audiocontrol epicenter "plus" if all I want to add is bass or one of my existing pieces like an EQX) to allow the use of the stock HU. I'm not in a "sawzall" kinda place right now :|
double dinn bezel

ok, i found what i was looking for. not cheap but i think worth it if u want your right to look nice!!!


It's made by California Corvette Customs
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