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Jan 24, 2009
hi guys, this year im lookn to upgrade my radio/cd player to a 7 in display. is there anyone here is canada that deals with the double dinn supports for an 98???
I'm on the canadian car audio forum... let me check over there for you

Well.....this is good to know.

One of the expert installers over on the CCA forum posted this for me..

"from what I remember of this car, he is facing a custom fabrication to make it fit. A double din kit from Metra for a Gm vehicle may provie a starting point for him but it will need modification to the kit and vehicle to squeeze in a double din"

I myself did some reasearch on this a little and come up with no out of the box solutions for a double din in these cars...
well, i know that there is US guys that do this. i was hoping to find someone here in canada. well, with time i guess!!!

I guess the message is... It can be done but not that easily... I noticed that Pioneer had some 1.5 din head units... i'm not sure if that's what you're looking for. I decided that if I upgrade the sound that I'll be adding equipment (either an audiocontrol epicenter "plus" if all I want to add is bass or one of my existing pieces like an EQX) to allow the use of the stock HU. I'm not in a "sawzall" kinda place right now :|
double dinn bezel

ok, i found what i was looking for. not cheap but i think worth it if u want your right to look nice!!!


It's made by California Corvette Customs
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